File:Portrait archer.png.png
Base Stats
Health: Health 001 190
Attack: Attack 001 10.0
Armor: Defence 001 1.0
Range: 5
Space: 1x1
Population: 1 House 001
Recruitment: {{{recruitment}}}
Upkeep:  ???

The Archer is a playable unit, trained through the Shooting Range.


The Archer is a long ranged unit with an attack range of 5, meaning they can be placed between Skeleton Mages and either Ninjas, Ghost Assassins or Mages. They are fairly fast attacking units, peppering their enemies with arrows.

However, due to their rather bland trait and role, unevolved Archers are not recommended outside of raiding purposes.

When the player reaches level 42, they may evolve Archers into Sky Archers. Sky Archers gain a significant boost over their unevolved counterparts; they learn the Sky Arrow ability, where their attacks have a chance of piercing an entire row of enemies. The attack deals damage based on the struck units' health. Against 2x2 or larger units, the piercing arrows strike a random row behind the large unit.

This makes them rather useful for stages where the enemy has a lot of health, which is almost always the case in The Seal, Crusade and Revenge depending on the stage's formation. They may also be used as such in PvP, but this requires high attack speed and generally fares poorly against any formation containing Iron Wheels.


Build Times

Level Time
1 3:00 minutes
2 2:40 minutes
3 2:20 minutes
4 2:00 minutes
5 1:40 minutes

With the technology "Recruitment Speed" at Level 5, Archers train at 50 seconds.

Level Upgrades

Level Health
Icon piercingattack
Upgrade Costs Upgrade
Gold 001 Crystal 001 Magicspar
Unit archer01 1 190 10 - - - N/A N/A
Unit archer02 2 209 12 1500 300 2 1.5 Hours N/A
Unit archer03 3 228 14 3500 800 4 3 Hours N/A
Unit archer04 4 247 16 5000 1000 6 6 Hours N/A
Unit archer05 5 247 18 7000 1500 10 10 Hours N/A
Unit archer06 6 285 20 10000 2000 15 15 Hours N/A
Evolve Health
Icon piercingattack
Item ironingot Item brassingot Gold
Unit archer07
Sky Archer
336 23.0 49 0 0 20 Hours Sky Arrow
Attack can occasionally pierce through the whole row, dealing damage based on the targets' health.

Strong Against

Weak Against