The Arena is a feature found in Little Empire.


The Arena is where the player may battle others (who are AI controlled) for various rewards.

When the player starts their account, they will only have two arena stocks. A stock is restocked every hour, and will "hold" for some time. If too much time passes from the last arena visit, then one stock is automatically used upon entering. Players can gain more arena stocks as they level up, capping at 12 upon reaching level 25. Having VIP status will add an additional twelve stocks.

During the first thirty levels of the player's growth, several tiles will be replaced with random event (green) or lesson (blue) tiles. These tiles are significantly beneficial to the player's growth. Both of these tiles can provide players with random rewards off the Lottery. The random event tiles may occasionally show a shocked footman, causing a random event to occur; these are less beneficial compared to the generic rewards, though they don't provide any experience unless otherwise.

An auto 1x and 6x option is available, the first being at 25 and other at an unknown level. This helps players clear through the Arena faster, but it uses the same formation as the one set. If not enough units are available due to casualties, then the auto system will go as far as possible.

After the player reaches level 31, these tiles no longer appear and only players will appear on the tiles.

The strength of the players vary and formations are based off their heroes and units. The most common formations at higher levels typically involve Crazy Cyborgs, Super Iron Wheels, Holy Priests and Shaman Priests, though there have been several exceptions. The heroes encountered in the formation have stats as if no bonuses were applied from the honor statue. Player levels in the arena range from 12 levels below or 2 above the player's current level.