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Footmen can be recruited after construction. Upgrade to recruit Trolls.

Footman are the basic infantry which should be used in the front line of combat if you are at a lower level as they have a fair amount of defense. Fully upgraded footmen are very good, even at higher levels. Magic shields can be trained here if they are evolved and provide a slight magical defense compared to other light armored units.

Troll have a Range of 2 so if you have a line of Footmen in the front and then have a line of Trolls behind them, you can be very successful at lower levels.(also recommended that there are trolls and footmen after the line of trolls, then ranged troops after that. Jungle trolls can be trained here if level 6 trolls are evolved into Jungle Trolls, and when are near death will use berserk, moving, attacking and dealing more damage for a short time.


Level Build/Upgrade Costs Build/Upgrade Times Sell Price Build Times
Gold Crystal Castle Level Footman Troll
1 2000 0 1 Instant 700 Gold 3:00min X
2 500 200 3 60 Minutes 2:40min 3:00min
3 1500 400 5 120 Minutes 2:20min 2:40min
4 3000 600 7 180 Minutes 2:00min 2:20min
5 4500 800 9 340 Minutes 1:40min 2:00min

Barracks per Castle Level

  1. Castle Level 1
  2. Castle Level 4
  3. Castle Level 7
  4. Castle Level 10
  5. Castle Level 13
  6. Castle Level 16

Note: Cannot build more than 6 Barracks.

Barracks Misc.

  • The Barracks is a 5x5 square building.