Daily Quests

10 differents kind of task per day.

Some kind of task can be done several times per day.

Finishing task earn score points.

Score points allows to open chests.

All chest can be obtained.

If you finally build your fort, then remember the following rulings:

Example: You harvested golds and crystals in your fort. This won't help your castle's daily task finishing.

The same thing for arena, recruting, speeding productions and adventures.

Chest Contents

Normal Chest Quality Chest Superior Chest Luxury Chest
Score 100 200 280 360

500 gold

200 crystals

2 Megaphone

1000 gold

500 crystals

3 Megaphone

2000 gold

1000 crystals

3 Magic Hourglass

1 Magic Spar

2 Mojos

5 Magic Hourglass


Times/day Points/time Total score Description
First Look 1 10 10 A monarch must keep close inspection over their holdings!
Basic Training 6 5 30 An established military is the most basic requirement of any empire.
Harvest Gold 10 2 20 No empire can operate without good old gold.
Harvest Crystal 10 2 20 Crystal is not just a luxury good; it's a ressource critical to your empire's development.
Victory in the Arena 50 2 100 The glory of the Arena is earned only by piling victory upon victory!
Invade Another Empire 3 10 30 Send your troops against another player to capture a slave and get phat loot!
Speed Up your Production 20 10 200 Magic can cut through time, fastforwarding to the moment of completion.
Help your friend Speed Up Production 1 20 20 Your friends need help producing faster and faster!
Take On Adventure Mode 22 5 110 Challenge the ragtag soldiers and magic beast of Adventure mode to win fragments and magic spar!
Assist Your Friends 1 (Mon) 30 30 Send soldiers to assist your friend's defense and their walls will be impregnable!
Vengeance 1 (Tue) 30 30 Be they rivals or our friends, they must pay!
Invite Friends to assist Attack 1 (Wed) 30 30 It's lonely on the battlefield. Call some friends over to savor victory together!
Save Your Friend 1 (Thu) 30 30 Your friend has been captured! You must send an army to rescue them!
Assist Your Friend's Attack 1 (Fri) 30 30 Accept a friend's invitation to assist attack and help them flatten their enemies!
Publish Your Empire 1 (Sat) 30 30
Send an Invitation 1 (Sun) 30 30 Click on your avatar, then click your invitation code to get more friends playing Little Empire!