The passage to a new beginning.


  • Building a Portal allows you to enter a new land, a snow filled world where you get to create a new Hero!
    • Thus, Land growth is at default and you will need to spend Fort resources to expand your Fort City.
  • It is not a new account, and you start at level 1 as always, with a few notables:
    • Unlike the "Empire" area, you do not have the grace of your god, so you will constantly have to rebuild your units when they are lost.
    • There are no starter resources.
  • Reputation level is shared between Fort and Empire areas.
  • You cannot pick the same Hero again, and must pick another Hero.
  • Items, such as resources and fragments are seperated from each other as it is for that Hero's use only. Growth packs are always put in the Castle/Fort that gained the items. If a growth pack is opened, resources will fall into the land that had the growth pack, while other items such as Gems, VIP cards will not. Items that are seperate include all chests and resources.
  • MOJO and Spar are shared between Fort and Empire.
  • The Task system is put into the Fort area.
  • If your Fort City is higher then your Castle City, the game will use your Fort City level instead for areas such as Arena Battles and Prison Cell attacks/defending.
  • You cannot build an Embassy, Prison Cells or another Portal in your Fort City.
  • You cannot play Imperial Isles in the Fort City.
  • Fort City does not suffer the halved resources, and players can still put defenses into their Fort City, basically giving the player two variant defences if they are being occupied.
  • Fort City buildings cannot be caught on fire.
  • Attacking is different when a Fort City is gained. When another player attacks you, they will attack the "Empire" first. Units leftover from the first attack will then proceed to the Fort City if they are sucessful in defeating the Castle's defense units. If the Fort City is defeated, the attacker will gain loot seperately instead of being combined.
  • You can now shift soldiers and place them in any way you want. You can have Fort City units being your first defense and Empire units to back them up. This can be used for Castle Defense or Solo Attack.
  • When transferring resources from Castle to Fort (or vice versa), there is a 20% loss while transferring resources. This can be done by clicking on your portal, then the "Transport" button.
  • Daily task doesn't apply here.
  • For conquest, The Seal won't be available for Fort.


Build Cost

  • 200,000 Gold, 100,000 Crystal
    • Sell Price: not able to sell

Build Time

  • Instant

Level Required

  • Available at Level 24.