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Tasks are missions or quests given by the Task Book on the left side of the game screen. They increase in difficulty and offer rewards of gold, crystal, experience and MOJO.

Because of the significant amount of experience rewarded per task, it is one of the fastest methods to level in the early stages of the game.

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Black Royal Guardians

Tasks That Need Solutions

Fast and Furious

Tasks VS Game

A New Enemy Appears - Difficulty: Easy

A Storm of Blue Skins - Difficulty: Easy

The Strength of a Hero - Difficulty: Easy

A Storm of Elves - Difficulty: Easy

Bad Mouth Carl - Difficulty: Easy

A Surprise Attack - Difficulty: Easy

A Small Test Run - Difficulty: Medium

Employing Tactics - Difficulty: Easy

Striking Back - Difficulty: Medium

Striking From Behind - Difficulty: Easy

Scouting Team - Difficulty: Easy

Critical Strike- Difficulty: Easy

A Great Wave of Enemies! - Difficulty: Medium

A Storm of Ninjas - Difficulty: Medium

Time of Disorder - Difficulty: Medium

Zombie Invasion - Difficulty: Medium

Defending Our Turf - Difficulty: Medium

Formation Matters - Difficulty: Hard

Command With Confidence - Difficulty: Hard

Carl's Revenge - Difficulty: Medium

Protect the Priests - Difficulty: Hard

Shamans Appears - Difficulty: Hard

Blood Lust - Difficulty: Hard

Captain Jack - Difficulty: Hard

Invincible Knights - Difficulty: Hard

An Archer's Nightmare - Difficulty: Hard

A Great Brawl - Difficulty: Hard

The Chant of Voodoo - Difficulty: Easy

Team of Priests - Difficulty: Easy

Conquerors' Playground - Difficulty: Hard

Archers Strikes Back - Difficulty: Easy

Summer Frost - Difficulty: Hard

A Huge Wave of Enemies - Difficulty: Hard

Melting Cold Ice - Difficulty: Very Easy

Mercenaries Warfare- Difficulty: Hard

A Knight's Doomsday- Difficulty: Medium

Easy as Pie - Difficulty: Easy

Battle Cry - Difficulty: Easy

Soaring Arrows - Difficulty: Easy

Masked Villains - Difficulty: Hard

A Frost Mage's Nemesis - Difficulty: Hard

The Perfect Weapon - Difficulty: Easy

Zombie Battle- Difficulty: Easy

Cold Knight- Difficulty: Easy

Absolute Zero- Difficulty: Very Easy

A Meteor Shower- Difficulty: Medium

The Return of Bad Mouth Carl - Difficulty: Very Hard

Will of Iron- Difficulty: Very Hard

Blood Lusting Monsters- Difficulty: Medium

The Angered Sky- Difficulty: Medium

A Challenge for the Conqueror- Difficulty: Medium

Jack's Sneak Attack - Difficulty:Hard

The Devil's Nest - Difficulty: Medium

A Bumpy Road- Difficulty: Medium

A Bright Light Ahead- Difficulty: Medium

Wisdom of War- Difficulty: Hard

A Failed Attempt- Difficulty: Normal

Never Turning Back- Difficulty: Hard

Getting Close- Difficulty: Hard

Mad Mouth Fortress- Difficulty: Hard

Iron Howl- Difficulty: Normal

Jack's Urge to Kill- Difficulty: Hard

Deceitful Witch- Difficulty: Hard

Bad Mouth Rally- Difficulty: Hard

Belly of the Beast- Difficulty: Hard

Bad Mouth Death Squad- Difficulty: Easy

A Team of Giants- Difficulty: Hard

Close Contact- Difficulty: Medium

A New Face for Carl- Difficulty: Medium

Give Chase- Difficulty: Hard

Bad Mouth Personal Guards- Difficulty: Average

Bad Mouth Steel Squad- Difficulty: Easy

Endless Nightmare- Difficulty: Average

Determined Trolls- Difficulty: Medium

Frere Jacques- Difficulty: Hard

Relentless Jack- Difficulty: Hard

Jack's Fortress- Difficulty: Very Hard

Showdown with the Jack Brothers- Difficulty: Very Hard

New Weapons - Difficulty: Easy

Magic Archers - Difficulty: Hard

Sharpshooter - Difficulty: Easy

Wind-Breaking Knives - Difficulty: Medium

Pandora the Wicked Witch- Difficulty: Hard

Pandora's Box- Difficulty: Hard

Pandora's Mirage- Difficulty: Very Hard

Destroying Pandora- Difficulty: Extremely Hard

Trembling Earth- Difficulty: Easy

Icy Catastrophe- Difficulty: Easy

Secular Devils- Difficulty: Easy

Wheels on the Sea of Bodies- Difficulty: Easy

Defeating Bad Mouth Carl- Difficulty: Easy

Shadowed by Wings- Difficulty: Easy

Another Pilot- Difficulty: Easy

Formidable Opponent- Difficulty: Easy

Fast and Furious- Difficulty: Easy

Masked King Juster - Difficulty: Easy

Black Royal Guardians- Difficulty: Easy

Jack's Return?!- Difficulty: Easy

Soul Puppet- Difficulty: Easy

Souls on Fire - Difficulty: Easy

Soul Flurry - Difficulty: Hard

Delicate Soul - Difficulty: Easy

Horror Of The Complete Her

Dancing Elemental

Cavalier's Pride

Raids from the Clouds

Saint Force

Walls of Iron

Full Power

Emporer of Spears

Lights of Trinity (Final Task : June 23, 2012)

To answer the question whats next. NOTHING!!! The little task book icon gets grayed out and thats all she wrote.

Tasks VS Players

Winning Streak

On the map, select the Prison Cell and choose a target player to attack. He/she will become your hostage and do your labor.

  • Task Objective - Occupy the castle of 1 player(s)
  • Task Rewards - 200 Gold, 20 Crystals, 60 Exp, 1 MOJO


Feeling generous? You can help rescue your friend when you see his/her SOS sign is on.

  • Task Objective - Rescue 1 captive player(s)
  • Task Rewards - 200 Gold, 30 Crystals, 70 Exp, 1 MOJO