Units and Heroes in Little Empire have the ability to use one of four different types of attacks: the normal attack, piercing attack, magic attack and hero attack.

Normal Attack

  • Normal attacks are designed to counter light armor.
  • Normal attacks are countered by heavy armor.

Piercing Attack

  • Piercing attacks are designed to counter cloth armor.
  • Piercing attacks are countered by light armor.

Magic Attack

  • Magic attacks are designed to counter heavy armor.
  • Magic attacks are countered by cloth armor.

Hero Attack

  • Hero attacks counter every type of armor.

Units by type of attack

Normal Piercing Magic Hero
Footmen *
Trolls *
Archers *
Ninjas *
Mages *
Knights *
Wolf Rider *
Iron Wheels *
Archangels *
Troll Cycorgs *
Berserker *
Succubus *
Giant *